Futurasmus, S.L. General terms and conditions of sales

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Futurasmus, S.L.
CIF.: B-53540464
C/ Nit nº 1, bloque 7, local 1
03110 Mutxamel
Alicante (España)
Tel.: +34 965 95 95 11
I. How to make an order and material delivery
New Customers

New customers interested in buying materials from Futurasmus, S.L. must fill the new customer form with all the requested details.

Where to address

You can request an offer at:

  1. The e-mail address comercial@futurasmus.com

As soon as possible, we will contact you to confirm the reception of your request.
Any purchase order must always be confirmed by written means (email or other electronic communication accorded with us)

Advice Pre-sale

Our staff will give you the convenient suggestions (take out unnecessary devices, add any that we feel is important or select alternative devices with better price/quality ratio) so that you can if you want modify the final list of materials.

Delivery Date

Depends on the destination country and on the devices selected. Please request a more precise delivery date to our salesperson (info@futurasmus-knxgroup.com)


Orders will be delivered to the specified address through a transportation agency (TNT / UPS or similar).

The shipping expenses will be indicated in the offer, because it depends on the weight and destination.

The shipping method of the delivery included in the offers are under CPT terms (INCOTERMS 2010). If the client wants full insurance converage he must request this in order to include the extra cost of this service in the final offer.

There is also the possibility of picking up with EXW, this has no cost for our clients. We will notify our clients when the items are ready to pick up and our clients shall contact their transportation company to arrange the collection in our offices.

II. Prices and payment method
Manufacturer prices

In Futurasmus, S.L. we work with recommended retail prices from the original manufacturer of the products (in most of the case these are German manufacturers). You can view these prices in our website once you have registered.En Futurasmus, S.L. trabajamos con los P.V.P. del fabricante original del producto (en la mayoría de los casos, del fabricante en Alemania). Puede consultar las tarifas en esta página web una vez registrado.

The prices in our website are only for information purposes because we are not an online shop. We recommend verifying these prices with our salesperson or through an offer, because the prices in our website are not binding and there can be mistakes, modifications, discontinuance of a product, etc. which are apart from us.

Payment method
By bank transfer. Our bank details are the following:
  • Beneficiary name: Futurasmus, S.L.
  • ID-VAT / NIF: ESB53540464
  • Beneficiary address: C/Nit 1, Bl.7, Local 1, 03110 – Muchamiel, Alicante
  • Beneficiary country: Spain
  • Beneficiary bank name: BANKINTER S.A.
  • Beneficiary bank branch name: C. Pymes – Elche
  • Beneficiary bank Address: P.I BULEVAR PARQUE L.1-10 B.I 1. 03203 - ELCHE, Alicante - Spain
  • ABA NO, Swift code: BKBKESMMVAL
  • Beneficiary account NO / IBAN: ES34 0128 0686 9801 0000 2924
III. Servicio de tramitación y seguimiento online de pedidos
IV. Warraty and returns

The warranty of the products that are commercialized and distributed by Futurasmus are those defined by each manufacturer and will be valid from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice or the delivery note that the client receives with the product. To know the duration of the warranty and conditions of each manufacturer please contact our commercial department.

Products damaged on delivery

The products damaged on the delivery will be excluded from warranty.

Deliveries are made on CPT terms according to INCOTERMS 2010.

The client who wants to take out a shipping insurance to cover any damage on the devices or loss of the package, must notify this to Futurasmus, S.L. previous to the purchase. The cost of the insurance will be charged on the client and will be included on the quotation.

In case of receiving a damaged product from the transport company, the client must notify this to Futurasmus, S.L. as soon as possible and send pictures of the damages suffered, within a period of 24 hours in order to make shipping insurance effective.

In case the client has taken a full-coverage insurance, the total amount of the products will be covered on the contrary the only amount paid will be that established by the legal terms of the mandatory insurance taken by the transportation company.

Futurasmus will not take responsibility for products which are damaged by the transportation services.

Cases where the warranty is null and will not take effects
  1. Ending of warranty period offered by the manufacturer. Thos period is measured from the date of purchase and the day of notification of the failure. The warranty period may vary from one manufacturer to another.
  2. Products with damaged or broken by usage in different conditions than those recommended by the manufacturer, like the installation in harsh weather conditions, wrong installation, falls, impacts, cracks, sings of vandalism, casualties or damages produced by other reasons not imputable to the normal functioning conditions of the product.
  3. Improper use with other accessories not recommended by the manufacturer or by the use of software different from the one provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Use in inadequate environments (place of installation, level of IP protection, temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.) according to the specifications of the manufacturer.
  5. Installation that doesn’t meet the requirements indicated by the manufacturer (power supply, supported power, land electrical connection, power surge protection, non-compliance with the low voltage regulation, etc.)
  6. Improper manipulation of any control label from the product such as serial number, model, sealing, etc. The serial numbers must be clearly visible with no scratches or breaks and all the labels in perfect state of maintenance and cleanness. Products with no serial number will be considered as repairable products with no warranty coverage.
  7. Any attempt to open the device or manipulate of the electronic components even if its minimal or insignificant, even if it’s not the direct cause of the malfunctioning.
  8. Warranty does not cover the premature damage caused by forcé majeure, negligence, environmental conditions over the limits indicated by the manufacturer nor electrical power surge.
  9. The perishable components such as lamps, batteries or cells are not covered by the warranty nor the consequences of the liking of liquids from the previously mentioned components.
Warranty Conditions

The warranties do not cover those products that present malfunctions that are caused by wrong or incomplete installation, installation in inadequate places, wrong usage or negligence of the users (understanding by users anyone who has access to the product: including integrators as well as final users) falls, impacts, or any sign of vandalism, cancel the warranty automatically.

WARNING:For any technical support, warranty claiming, etc. the invoice number is needed or the date of purchase, because Futurasmus will not be responsible of products purchased from other distributors.

Futurasmus is exempt of the obligation of assuming any warranty coverage to users that acquire products with no serial number or of those that do not match with the ones sold directly by Futurasmus, S.L. These types of products will be considered repair work and will not be covered by any warranty.

Also, Futurasmus, S.L. is not responsible for the possible incompatibility between products of different manufacturers, systems or protocols.

Procedure for products in warranty

In case of a failure in the warranty product; the first step will be to process an 'RMA request' on our website (Return Material Authorization).

The RMA request can be made on the website http://www.futurasmus-knxgroup.com. After login through the menu “My account” you will find the option “RMA request” on the menu bar “Technical and commercial support”. Please fill in the form with the needed details and our technical department will confirm the RMA request on the email address specified in the registration process and will contact you as soon as possible.

This process will be helpful to have control this process from beginning to end and to know in which state it is at all moments.

In case of the failure is covered by the warranty and once this has been confirmed by FUTURASMUS, The client will proceed to deliver the malfunctioning product to the indicated address. Then FUTURASMUS will take charge of the delivery of the product to the manufacturer and of the return delivery of the repaired or replaced product. Packages with unpaid delivery will not be accepted by Futurasmus (payment on destiny) and will be returned to origin. FUTURASMUS does not take charge on any customs fee, for this reason the devices must be clearly and correctly sent as non comercial value products (1€) indicating the date of purchase and invoice number as they are malfunctioning units which have already process by customs when they were purchased.

Once the needed verifications are done, there can be three scenarios:

  1. If it is proven that the device has a manufacturing failure, we will proceed to repair or replace the unit.
  2. If it is proven that the failure is not covered by the warranty, Futurasmus, S.L. will inform the client about this situation and the client will have these options:
    • To sent back the item, the client will have to assume the return expenses.
    • To request a repair offer from Futurasmus, S.L. which will have to be accepted in order to proceed with the repairment. In some cases there could be associated costs (delivery, manipulation, labour (depending on the manufacturer)), the client will be informed about all this expenses. In case the amount of the offer is accepted, the manufacturer will proceed to repair the item, the delivery of the repaired unit will be made as soon as the payment of the offer has been received.
  3. If once the device is tested and no failure or defect is found, the item will be returned to the client, charging the shipping expenses on the client’s side.

In case there is an intention of returning a device (for any reason) an “RMA request” must also be made in order to proceed to return the device. There are various methods of doing this depending on the type of return.

For the acceptance of these types of returns it is necessary that the material has not been used and its package and accessories are received by Futurasmus, S.L.in prefect conditions. The manufacturer can charge a return or depreciation fee. In case the material has been used it is on the manufacturer’s will to accept the return and to establish the associated costs. The client will have to assume the shipping expenses.

NOTICE: In any case, the return policy will be established by the manufacturer. There are manufacturers that don’t accept returns. For more information related to this matter please contact our sales department.

Derecho de desistimiento

Según la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios (1/2007), el derecho de desistimiento se aplica únicamente a los consumidores y usuarios, tal y como esta normativa los define en su art.3; quedan, por tanto, excluidos del derecho de desistimiento los pedidos resultantes de la actividad empresarial o autónoma (únicos aceptados por Futurasmus, S.L), que no vende a usuarios ni clientes finales.

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