Installation in vertical and horizontal format.
Mounting in standard square or rounded flush mounting box.

1. Power supply connector (12-30 VDC)
2. KNX programming button
3. KNX programming LED
4. KNX TP1 bus connector
5. Built-in temperature sensor
6. USB connector
7. Multifunction inputs connector
8. Replaceable RTC backup battery


The Iddero Verso user interface is organized into pages. Control pages.
Additional pages: Home and menu pages, setting pages, safety pages and time schedules.

1. Top bar: title of current page, time, temperature.

2. Bottom bar: navigation among pages.

3. Access to Control pages: up to control pages with 8 configurable elements per page.

4. Access to Home/Menu/Previous page (depending on the current page).

5. Access to Favorites page.

6. Access to Setting pages.

7. Access to Time Schedules.

8. Access to Alarms page.

* Example of the Main Menu page.


Access to the Settings, Preferences and System pages.


Preferences, system, favorites, clean display.


Temperature probe, information, USB, defaults, reboot.


Date & time, languange, buzzer, brightness, passwords, power saving.

Control pages

Up to 48 control functions, arranged in 6 configurable pages formed by up to 8 elements each.

Quick access to menu, favorites, previous and next pages


Editable by end user directly in Verso display.
Up to 8 elements can be selected from the control pages.

Types of elements

There is a great number of elements to choose from.
Each component can be enabled as a timer freely.

Distribution of elements

The distribution of elements can be configured, as well as that of control,favorites and menu pages
Available grids (layouts):

Background images

Background images configurable for:

Start Page

Control pages (x6)

Default image

(For the rest of pages)

Menu pages


Access Control

Each and every page can be protected via password.
Two hierarchical password levels (user and master).
Passwords configurable by user.

Touch gestures

They allow executing direct actions (scenes for entering/leaving the house, central ON/OFF, etc.)
Up to 5 gestures can be configured independently:

4 directional gestures

Swiping your finger over the display in a certain direction.

1 multitouch gesture

Pressing on more than one spot on the screen simultaneously.

Time schedules

List of all the components configured as “programmable” (up to 48 channels, 4 programs per channel and 2 actions per program).
Setting the time schedules.


List of all components “indicators with alarm”.
Alarms management.


Two independent thermostats: each one can be configured for only cooling, only heating, cooling and heating.
4 operating modes (comfort, standby, economy and building protection mode).
Outputs configurable as two-point with hysteresis, PI or PI-PWM.
Control of additional cooling/heating sources.
Absolute or relative setpoints.

* The images shown are an example of a visualization.

Multifunction inputs

4 multifunction inputs which can be individually configured as binary inputs or used for a temperature probe.
Inputs wiring diagram:

Scenes controller

Control of up to 64 KNX scenes (8 scenes actuators and 8 different scenes per actuator).
Control as per touch gestures available.

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